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it's bianca, bitch.

Recent Entries

4/6/07 09:27 pm

I thought I should update.

9/18/06 03:09 am

I feel restless. Something ominous is in the air.

I've made my decision.

9/10/06 02:38 am - For the record.

I'm not having any fucking babies. Ever. So stop acting like I am. JUBILEE. PETER.

9/1/06 11:28 pm - Fucking John.

If you blow down my fucking house I'm going to be fucking pissed off.

6/3/06 05:06 am

I'm out of here. Going some place where they don't speak English and I don't have to do anything resembling work. Don't expect a postcard.

5/7/06 04:00 am - Lick it, slam it, suck it.

Cinco de mayo is such a fun holiday. At least it was this year. Tequila, when consumed in large quantities on and empty stomach, is the best.

I mean... Oops. I so did not mean to skip out on a whole week of teaching the spanish class that hardly anyone takes. How will the world continue to go on? How will people function? Why does Xavier continue to think this is a good idea? Why do I continue to stay here? Why do people think go to hell is an insult? Why must I have such vivid dreams? Why does my mother continue to annoy me via her personal assistant? Why are people so concerned with what other people are doing? Why does any of it matter? Why do airlines suck so much? Why can't I have a private plane? Why do I keep asking why questions? Why can't I stop? Why am I so compelled to keep writing in here? Why do I write in here in the first place? Why am I out of why questions?

5/5/06 04:04 pm

El tequila es la mejor bebida en el mundo. México es el mejor lugar en el mundo. Sun es Dios. Mmm teguilla!

4/2/06 04:34 am

Anyone who thought my last post was serious is a fucking fool. Anyone who wants to act offended by me playing a joke can fuck off; I wasn't making fun of anyone, just amusing myself. What the fuck else am I supposed to do around here?

It seems that my mother's stupid bitch personal assistant finally tracked down my new phone number. I'm not quite sure how she managed that, either, considering it's not even in my damn name. Anyfuckingway she was bitching at me (on behalf of my dear mother, of course) about missing my mother's birthday. Whoops. If they wanted me there they should have called but that's besides the point. If I'm not home for the easter party looking appropriate and all smiles I will be cut off again. Not that they ever manage to stick with that but it's still a bit of a pain. Guess I'm going to LA for Easter.

4/1/06 02:30 am - God bless you.

I have accepted Jesus in to my life and repented for all my sins. I know this may be hard for some of you to understand but I hope that you will be accepting and respectful of my new life style. My time will now be spent only by teaching my wonderful class of students the spanish language and volunteering to help the needy. I have decided to give the entire contents of my trust fund to charity. My parents may be a little mad about this but I'm sure once I tell them how my lord and savior has changed my life they'll understand. I am considering a move to Mississippi. It seems like a very religious state, do you know that it is against the law to possess or sell "Adult" toys there? It is. Those are my kind of people. I'm not sure yet, but I think that if I pray the answer will come to me. I now see that altering my hair and body from it's god given state is wrong and I will be removing all my piercings and let my hair go back to it's natural color. I have also decided to pursue a completely heterosexual life style, though this will not be of concern to me until after I'm married, because I now know it's wrong to have relations when one is not in a state of matrimony.

3/7/06 02:11 am

Sigh sigh sigh. I did something I now regret sigh. The world hates me sigh. I feel so trapped sigh. This place is boring sigh. I lost my pen sigh. Did I mention the world hates me? Sigh. I'm stupid sigh. My balls are rubber sigh. Brandon is a male slut sigh. I don't ever see anyone sigh.

PS Li3k omg I love you!
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